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How can FunGuppy make me money?
When you sign up for a
FREE FunGuppy membership, you get a "replicated" FREE FunGuppy website with a unique URL (website address), and your ad as one of six ads on the left side. In this ad, you can promote anything you like (as long as it is legal and not adult, weapons, terrorism or other inapropriate material). If you don't know what to promote, you can sign up for a free affiliate program that pays you commission for visitors or sales. Try a google search for "affiliate program", and you will find thousands of them! Find something you think look promising, put this in your FREE FunGuppy member ad, and you're on your way making money on the internet!

What is "Viral Marketing"?
Viral Marketing is what used to be called "word of mouth marketing" before everyone had access to the Internet. In "the old days", news about a good product or service could be spread when people told their friends about it. On the internet, there are lots of ways to "tell your friends" about things you like. You can use e-mail, instant messaging (like MSN and Yahoo messenger), blogs, personal profiles in "online communities" like Facebook and hundreds of other ways to "tell your friends" about things you like. Now, unlike the "word of mouth", telling people on the internet is so much more powerful. First, you can send people to a link so they can instantly SEE the things you recommend. Second, there are several hundred millions of people worldwide that has access to the internet. This makes your potential "audience" allmost limitless!. An finally, third: Things spread extremely fast on the internet. If people see something they like, and they are provided A SIMPLE METHOD to tell their friends about it, 100,000's of people can rush to that website within few days.

What makes "viral"?
On you will find tons of funny videos and funny pictures. Our members get an e-mail a few times every week, with a link to some of this content. This e-mail can easily be forwarded from our members to their friends. If they like what they see, they will pass these e-mails on to THEIR friends again, and when this repeats itself a few times, thousands of people can have clicked in to to look at one particular funny video or picture. Also, with each piece of entertaining material, there is a "tell your friends" and a "share this" feature. This makes it easy for visitors to to send an e-mail to a few friends when they see something they like, or to add a link to their blog, their linkshare service or their personal profile in an online community.

How does the six ads massively multiply the "viral effect" of
When you sign up for a
FREE FunGuppy website, you get a "replicated" FunGuppy website with it's unique URL (website address) and your ad as the first out of six ads on the left hand side of the website. After getting the "viral mechanism" started, there can be quite a lot of people (your friends, friends of them, friends of them again and so on) visiting your FREE FunGuppy website. Some of these people may also want to make money from the internet, and sign up to get their own FREE FunGuppy website. The FREE FunGuppy website they get will have their ad in the first position, and your ad "pushed" down to second position. If anyone sign up from a FREE FunGuppy website with your ad in the 2nd. position, they'll get a website with your ad in the 3rd position. This will repeat itself six "steps" down, until your ad is "rolled off" after the sixth position. As you see, this can result in quite a huge number of people having a FREE FunGuppy website with your ad as one out of six ads. When these people "spread the word" of their own FREE FunGuppy website, they actually attracts traffic to a website with YOUR ad on it! This way, there can be hundreds, thousands or even ten thousands of people working together to bring traffic to whatever YOU promote in your ad. And they all use the very powerful "viral" features of FunGuppy to do it. Now... THIS can create some SERIOUS  website traffic and SALES for you after a while.

How to make the "viral mechanism" of FunGuppy work.
As a FunGuppy member, you will get two or three e-mails every week with a link to a funny video or a funny picture on YOUR FREE FunGuppy website. Simply forward these to your friends, family and business contacts. Whenever someone visits your FREE FunGuppy website, they will see the funny video or picture, and also your ad. Since FunGuppy is "viral", this means that not only the people YOU send to your FREE FunGuppy website will se your ad, but also all the people THEY send there, and the people they again invite. Now... this can be an allmost unbelieavble number of visitors after a little while! Also, if you have a blog, a personal profile on one or more internet communities, or your own website, place a link to your FREE FunGuppy website there. Other methods are desctibed in the "
Tools Section". Remember: People will actually LIKE what they find on your FunGuppy website, and they WILL help you "spread the word" so more people can see your ad, click on the link and BUY whatever you promote.

Premium Member questions:

Why upgrade to a Premium Membership?
As a FunGuppy
Premium Member you get MORE ad space on your FunGuppy website. This extra ad space will "replicate" itself to all the new FREE FunGuppy websites that are created from YOUR FunGuppy website from the moment you upgrade. The extra ad space will "follow" on to all new FREE FunGuppy websites created from these again, no matter what position (1-6) your FREE ad is in. Actually, even if your FREE ad has "rolled of", six "steps" down in the process, your Premium Member ad will still be copied to the new sites created, as long as the FREE FunGuppy websites people sign up from has your Premium Member Sponsor Ad on them. This way, you get WAY better exposure to whatever you sell, and you can make a lot more money from you ads.

Payment questions:

What is the price for a FREE FunGuppy membership?
Nothing. FunGuppy is a FREE viral marketing tool. Click
here to sign up!

What is the price for a FunGuppy Premium Membership?
The price for the FunGuppy Premium Membership with all the extra options is $47 per month. However, for a very limited time, the price is set to $27 per month. If you use this limited time offer, you will get the $27 per month price for as long as you keep your FunGuppy Premium Membership. Click
here to grab this offer while it's still there!

How can I pay?
You can pay using PayPal or major credit/debit cards. All payments are processed by a trusted, secure and well recognized payment partner.

How do I get paid?
Our affiliate program is managed by a trusted, secure and well recognized affiliate management partner. They transfer your earnings monthly by paypal or wire transfer.





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