FunGuppy Marketing Tools:

BOOST your signups!

To help you make your website work on "Viral-Autopilot" to give you maximum exposure for your ads, we've got a couple of tools for you to use. Remember that even if forwarding the e-mails we send you twice a week WILL start the "viral process" and create great exposure to your ad, using the tools below will help you make MORE money from whatever you promote MUCH FASTER!

Get the "Top 5 Links" on your blog or website :
If you have a blog or a website, you should REALLY put the "Top 5 Links" box there. People just HAVE to click on it to get their own link submitted, and this will take them directly to the FunGuppy FREE LinkSubmitter. The links submitted there will not only go to the FunGuppy websites, but also on ALL the websites and blogs out there that has the "Top 5 Links" box on them!

Here is what it looks like:

Click HERE to get it!

(You can change the colors to match the design of your website or blog)

The "FunGuppy FREE LinkSubmitter" :
There are MILLIONS of webmasters, bloggers, MLM'ers, web marketeers and BizOpp'ers out there that WANT and NEED traffic to their websites.

And if you show them a SIMPLE way to get FREE traffic FAST, they simply CAN NOT RESIST trying it!

The FunGuppy FREE LinkSubmitter is such a "just gotta try'it" service. (See it in action HERE)

Within seconds, anyone can get their link submitted to the entire network of FunGuppy websites, AND to all the websites out there that have the "Top 5 Links" box on them.

Get people to use the FREE LinkSubmitter, and they'll return again and again to submit their links - until they sign up to get their own FREE FunGuppy websites with YOUR ad on them!

The FREE LinkSubmitter is a pretty "easy sell" (well... it's FREE, right?). Just place the "Top 5 Links" box (shown above) on your blog or on your website, or use text ads or links.

Use a text/heading like this:

Submit your link to 15048 websites for FREE!
Get YOUR link on 15048 high traffic LIVE websites
in less than a minute for FREE! No robot's allowed, so your
link will be seen by THOUSANDS before it rolls off!
Click Here:

(replace "your_id" with your FunGuppy member ID)


Get the "Today's Pic" on your blog or website:
Paste a little piece of HTML code in the source of any webpages or blog you have, and you will get a daily updated "Today's Pic" linking back to YOUR FunGuppy website. Not only does this bring you direct traffic and signups, but it will make OTHER webmasters place a "Today's Pic" on their websites/blogs, also linking to YOUR FunGuppy website!

You can even change the colors so it will match the design of your website or blog!


Click HERE to get it!

Get the "slideover" on your blog or website:
You may have noticed the "slideover" that "falls down" when you open a FunGuppy website:

(It's got a rotating and VERY catchy image when you see it "live")

When someone enter their name and e-mail address, they'll get on our "3 jokes a week list". This means that WE will send them 3 e-mails each and every week with a link to a funny picture, a joke or a cartoon on YOUR FunGuppy website! This is very very cool, as these people will not only be repeating visitors to your FunGuppy website (seeing your ad over and over again), but they will also forward these emails to their friends (who again will pass them on to others...), creating a MASSIVE viral traffic for you. 100% on AUTOPILOT!

Copy the code below, and paste it anywhere between the <BODY> and the </BODY> tags in the HTML source of your webpages:

<script language="JavaScript" src="">

(Remember to replace YOUR_ID with your actual FunGuppy member ID)

"Tell a friend" feature :
On "your" website you can find tons of cool cartoons, jokes and funny pictures. Below every picture, you'll find a "Tell a friend" feature. Simply fill in your and your friends email address, click the button, and your friend will get an email with a link to the actual image on YOUR website!

Tell MANY friends:
If you want to send a link to a joke on "your" website to MANY of your friends, do this:

Below every joke/picture, you'll find the URL to the exact page you're on. It may look like this:

YOUR_ID will be replaced by YOUR member ID.
PAGE_ID will be replaced by the ID of the exact page you're on (Every joke/cartoon/image has it's unique ID).

NOTE: You can also use this URL:

This will send people to "your" FunGuppy website's
main menu, where they can browse all categories.

Simply copy the URL, open your email client, and paste the URL into the body of the a new e-mail message. Then send the e-mail to all the friends you have in your e-mail client's address book! Remember, it's smart to use the "BCC" field of your e-mail client when you're sending a message to many people at the same time!

You may want to write them a message like this:

--> Beginning of message <--

I just found this on the net. Check it out!

Forward this to EVERYONE!

(More cool stuff here: )

Best Regards
-Your Name-

--> End of message <--


How to promote to Web Marketeers:
If you're allready into web marketing, you may have a website, a mailing list or other ways to promote "business opportunities" on the internet. For this purpose, we've created a special URL for you, to pull the "pro's" right into the juicy details:

This URL (Replace YOUR_ID with your actual member ID!) will take people directly to the "sales letter" that tells people how FunGuppy works, and how they can make money by signing up for a FREE FunGuppy membership. This URL will pull WAY better response from web marketing people than just sending them directly to a joke or to the "Main Menu"!

You can promote by using text links, classified ads, newsletter ads and e-mail sales letters to your mailing list (As long as it's a "clean" NO SPAM mailing list!)


Example - Text links:
Here's a couple of text links you can use on FFA pages, your own website or as your e-mail "footer"

Send a joke to your friends - Make BIG cash!

Even DUMMIES can do this. Pure Fun. REAL MONEY!

NEW! Crazy Viral Marketing Tool JUST LAUNCHED!

Link to this URL:


Example - Classified ads/newsletter ads:
Use these ads on classified sites or in newsletters:

Find out how you can make 10,000's of NORMAL
PEOPLE help you make money! They won't even
understand that they help you! FREE! Click Here!

How many times have you forwarded a funny e-mail
to your friends? Make MONEY from it!

Find out how you can make 10,000's of people
spreading YOUR ad to their friends via e-mail!


Example - Sales Letters:
Send this sales letter to your mailing list or to your newsletter subscribers. NOTE: We do NOT tolerate SPAM, so make ABSOLUTELY SURE that all addresses in your mailing lists are OPT IN and LEGAL!

--> Start message <--

Dear friend!

Quite often, I get funny jokes, pictures and cartoons in my e-mail inbox.
I find many of them very amusing, and more often than not, I forward
these to my friends, my family, my collegues and to people I know
through my work.

I have sometimes wondered how many people that actually ENDS UP
GETTING the very same e-mail that I forward to my friends!

If I forward it to 10 people, who forwards it to 10 people each, who again
forwards it to 10 people each... well, that's 1,000 people! And what if THEY
forward it to 10 people each? That's 10,000 people getting the mail I
sent to a few of my friends! In a matter of DAYS!

Finally, I've found a totally genious website that helps me MAKE MONEY
from the 1,000's and 1,000's of people out there that like to get a joke in
their e-mail inboxes!

It's totally different from the "money making scams" out there. Actually,
this is about nothing more than sending a joke to your friends from time
to time! And MAKING MONEY when these e-mails get forwarded to 1,000's
of people out there. Yes, it really IS that simple! And it's FREE!

Take a look at it, and sign up to start making money from the internet NOW!
(It's FREE, so you've got NOTHING to lose!)

-Your Name-

--> End of Message <--

Here's another sale's letter. More aggressive and straight to the point!

--> Start of Message <--

AMAZING new viral marketing tool!

Finally YOU can make BIG BUCKS when NORMAL people forward
funny e-mails to their friends! is a BRAND NEW viral marketing tool. It was
launcehd just a few days ago, and grows at an amazing speed!

Best Regards
- Your Name-

PS: This is the next "BIG THING" out there! Easier than anyting else
to make BIG BUCKS from. Sign up RIGHT NOW to get in at "the top"!

--> End of Message <--


More marketing tools coming soon!